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Level Sensor
Level Sensor is used for detecting the level of numerous substances such as powder, granular materials, liquids and bulk-solids. It is designed by using top grade stainless steel and advanced technologies. This product has a strong construction which provides anti-abrasive nature.
Level Indicator
We are the prominent supplier of a broad ambit of Level Indicators. These are used for the measurement of liquids in containers, tanks and drums and displaying the same on an analog or digital LED screen. The indicators are extremely efficient as well as reliable.
RF Admittance Level Switch
RF admittance level switch comes with a latest admittance circuitry inside, which allows the system to take no notice of process coating deposits on the level sensor. 
Conductivity Level Switch
Based on the conductivity sensing technology, conductivity level switch detects the level of liquid. It is generally used in metallic vessel, and there are two probes or electrodes to sense minimum level and maximum level of liquid inside the vessel.
Radar Level Transmitters
Radar Level Transmitters are highly sensitive and efficient electronic sensory units that are used for the detection of levels of the water and various other types of fluids present within a large sized industrial tank by using electromagnetic signals.
Pressure Level Transmitters
Pressure Level Transmitters are small compact sized direct contact devices that are designed to measure the static pressure of the submersible pump and other hydraulic devices. They are available in various different designs and styles with different measuring capabilities.
Process Control Instruments
Process Control Instruments offered by us are fabricated by using top quality and highly sensitive electronic elements that provides you with highly accurate output results and also helps to maintain the system to remain in their optimal state.
Ultrasonic Level Transmitters
Ultrasonic Level Transmitters are contactless measuring instruments that are calibrated in such a manner so that they provides you with accurate and precise output. These equipments works by using time of flight principle using the speed of sound.
Pressure Transmitter
We can sell you a highly effective Pressure Transmitter for any industrial use. Contact us for more. The device is used to determine the water or liquid levels in a closed container.
Indicator Controller Transmitter
An Indicator Controller Transmitter is made to signal and manage the process. It can read input and then show that information on an LED display.

Ultrasonic Level Sensor
To regulate liquid substance levels, the provided Ultrasonic Level Sensor is used. It is crucial to various procedures in numerous sectors to control the liquid level.

Water Level Sensors
We offer total Water Level Sensors; ask us about the proper sensor type for your application, and we can help you install it.