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About Us
Level Switches, Level Sensors, Level Transmitters, Capacitance Level Transmitter,Vibrating Fork Level Switch for Solids, Admittance Level Switch
, etc. are some of our products. The technology-driven company strives to provide qualitative measurement and process control instruments. Presently, the company develops a variety of Point Level Switches, Level Transmitters and Indicator Controller Transmitters.

Mr. Rupesh Bhavsar
and Mr. Baljeet Chawla are the directors of the company, who leverage their experience to find seamless solutions to the problems faced in the field of level sensing and process measurements.

Product Portfolio

Some of the instruments  have best in class IP-68 certified enclosures. The Ex-proof enclosures make the instrument suitable for hazardous area and gas group IIA, IIB and IIC. The instruments with PU Epoxy coated enclosures are suitable for harsh environment. The instruments with SS enclosures are suitable to be used in food and pharma industries. While, the PU enclosed instruments can be used in chemical industries.
  • Point Level Switches
    • Vibrating Fork Level Switch for solids
    • Vibrating Rod Point Level Switch for Solids
    • Vibrating Fork Point Level Switch for Liquids
    • Compact Vibrating Fork Point Level Switch for Liquids & Solids
    • Compact Tuning Fork Point Level Switch for Liquids
    • Admittance Point Level Switch
    • Capacitance Point(s) Level Switch
    • Conductivity Point(s) Level Switch for conductive liquids
    • Rotating Paddle Level Switch For Solids
    • Compact Capacitance Level Switch
  • Level Transmitters
    • Two-Wire Capacitance Continuous Level Transmitter
    • Hydrostatic Continuous Level Transmitter
    • Radar Level Transmitter
    • Ultrasonic Level Transmitter
  • Indicator Controller Transmitters
    • Indicator Controller cum Transmitter
    • Rate of Flow / Loss of Head Indicator Controller

Our Vision

To innovate process sensing, measurement, indication and control instruments so as to promote a dependable process control.

Our Mission

  • To maintain a healthy work environment and providing growth opportunities for Trumen Employees
  • To work towards creating a win-win situation for everyone in contact with Trumen, be it Employee, Vendor or Client

Quality Control & Manufacturing Set-up

We consider quality control and assurance a continuous process at Trumen. The company for many years has been meeting the market requirements for level transmitters, point level switches and indicator controller transmitters. Many buyers have showed interest in our manufactured instruments due to its quality. These are manufactured in line with the highest quality standard. In the manufacturing plant, we have automated machinery set-up in production department. Each product created is rigorously tested in quality testing department and delivered with a guarantee of best performance in all operating conditions.

More than 50k Installation
Our ISO 9001: 2015 certified company is not only trusted for sourcing level sensors, switches, controller & transmitters, but also for installation work. Within one decade of our service tenure, we have installed over 50,000 offered devices in cement plant, packaging machinery, pipe extrusion machinery, sand foundries and many other application areas in different industrial segments. An expert team is behind the successful installations.

Exporting To 40 Countries Abroad
Trumen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. was established a decade ago to expand its wings to international markets. After successfully catering the Indian market, the company started exporting to different countries. Our company exports to around forty countries, from Argentina, Canada, Denmark, France to Poland, Sri Lanka and UAE.

All India Sales & Service Network
In order to spread our network in India, Trumen Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has set-up several sales & service offices. As our products are applicable in different industrial segments, like cement, steel, pharmaceutical, dairy, oil & gas and many other, there are many potential customers throughout the country. Through our all India Sales & Service network, we easily reach them.

Industries We Cater to

  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Industries
  • Cement Industries
  • Iron and Steel Industries
  • Machine Manufacturer
  • Food Industries
  • Plastic Industries
  • Textile Industries
  • Oil and Gas Industries
  • Power Plants
  • Soap & Detergent Industries
  • Water & Waste Water Management
  • Material Handling Industries